OnCloud S3 by Cloudian

The dead file does not exist, in the end you need a space to store your information without getting in the way. This is your solution.

What is OnCloud S3?

A place to store everything you want without worrying about space.

With OnCloud S3 you will have a storage system designed so that companies or developers can upload any type of file (from invoices from 10 years ago to informative websites) and download it when they need it.


  • Easy to organize

Buckets will be like your folders in a file cabinet: give them a name and put any type of file inside (from photos and videos, to backups or static web pages).

  • Privacy: only you have the key

Configure your buckets to share them only with who you want (or with no one).

  • Improve communication

Generate download links to easily send your files to whoever you want.

  • More security than a normal cloud

Our technology encrypts your files and creates backups so you can get them back no matter what.

  • Total availability

We ensure 99.90% availability in our Data Centers, guaranteeing that you will always have access to your buckets.

  • Infinite space to save

You can store hundreds or millions of gigabytes in your buckets, you decide how much space you require.

  • Host files that interact with third parties

Connect your files with web or mobile platforms to use S3 as a hosting. You can even host static websites.

  • Pay only for what you use

With S3 you only pay for the space and the transfers you make. You can make up to 100,000 transfers and pay less than the cost of a pack of gum per month. Also you do not require a physical or virtual server to have it.

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