Disaster Recovery Plan by Acronis protects your company’s information, through productive and critical servers, regardless of the size of your company, recovering your data instantly through the automated replication of virtual machines in the cloud, guaranteeing the availability of your information , in just a few minutes in a simple, safe and profitable way.

As experts in the CLOUD we know how important it is to have all your information available and secure.


The complete set of services and tools for recovery
fast and safe of your data.

Disaster recovery for physical and virtual workloads

Minimize downtime by restoring critical services such as Windows and Linux physical servers and virtual machines, core hypervisors, and more.

Complete business protection

All in one!

Backup as well as disaster recovery and advanced ransomware protection.

Nearly instant RPO and RTO

Get times (RTO) and recovery points (RPO) of less than 15 minutes.

Execution monitoring

Get visibility into your disaster recovery orchestration, plus a real-time view and execution history.

Protection for on-premises and cloud workloads

Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan by Acronis protects systems from any location and against any environment: local, remote system, as well as public and private clouds.

Safe and compatible

Improve regulatory compliance by ensuring authenticity in object storage data with blockchain technology.



We integrate functionalities of: cybersecurity, data protection and antimalware, offering you backup copies and recovery.

  • Static analyzer based on artificial intelligence.
  • Behavior-Based Detection.
  • Antiransonnware.
  • Vulnerability Assessment.
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) with device control.
  • Malware detection in backup data.
  • Centralized patch management.


  • Disaster Recovery Plan.
    Immediate availability.
  • Immediate availability.
  • Multi-platform with unlimited backup agents or independence from third parties to gain access to your information.
  • Failover and failback (switching) events in case of disruption.
  • Advanced security.
  • 7×24 support.

You can get back to work in just minutes.

Thanks to disaster recovery!

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