About Us

We are a proudly Mexican company with more than 6 years of experience, interested in the growth and digital transformation of industries through cloud solutions to grow your company with greater productivity. We have two Data Centers (Houston and CDMX) certified with TIER III, so that your information will be safeguarded with total protection.

We offer comprehensive solutions that optimize the operation of your company, with services such as: OnCloud Servers (virtual servers), Backup (backup copies), Fast Recovery (recovery of lost information), Solutions for DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan), SD -WAN by VeloCloud (bandwidth optimization).

How do we do it?

We accompany your company at every step, so that you can integrate Cloud technology in an easy and functional way in all your processes. Once on top of the cloud, all the information in your organization will begin to flow faster, more securely, and more reliably.

The best part is that we’ll take care of running everything, so you can focus on your business.

Cloud Storage servers (and many others) that make companies work better.


Whatever the line of your business


Regardless of the size of your company


We can make it all work better


Data Centers with TIER III: CDMX and Houston


To be a One-Stop regional platform for digital transformation in Latin America with global Cloud, Data Management and Cybersecurity solutions adapted to the local context.
We focus on providing secure and simple solutions to adopt, operate and manage, based on disruptive technology in order to accompany Latin American companies in each stage of their Cloud Journey.


Position ourselves as the first One-Stop platform for Compliant Cloud and cybersecurity in LATAM.



Ser una plataforma regional One-Stop de transformación digital en Latinoamérica con soluciones globales de Nube, Data Managment y Ciberseguridad adaptadas al contexto local.

Nos enfocamos proveemos en soluciones seguras y sencillas de adoptar, operar y administrar, basadas en tecnología disruptiva a fin de acompañar a las empresas latinoamericanas en cada etapa de su Cloud Journey.


Posicionarnos como la primera plataforma One-Stop de Compliant Cloud y ciberseguridad en LATAM.


OnCloud and Data Center certifications


Our mission began in 2014 with the need to make companies across the country adopt cloud solutions as part of their processes. We are convinced that innovation must be present from the operation of the company itself. We bring the Cloud Infrastructure to companies as the next level of technology that they must have to manage and protect their information.

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We created a business model designed to provide IT solutions to Mexican companies: 24/7 service in Spanish, fixed prices in national currency with no hidden charges, solutions designed according to the size of the organization to save costs, and support at every step of the process. process.

Get on the cloud! It’s time to streamline your company with our solutions: OnCloud Servers, Data Management (BAAS and Fast Recovery), SD-WAN by VeloCloud, DRP and Monitoring Solutions. Get high availability and manage your company from the cloud, expanding the size of your solutions according to the growth of your organization.

We have different certifications that guarantee that your information will be safe and protected from computer attacks, disasters and accidents.

With us, everything will be like having an engineer by your side who will help you improve your processes, increase your productivity and monitor the operation of your company.

Cloud storage servers designed to be integrated as solutions.

OnCloud Policy

The Policy of the Integrated Management System was born from the vision, mission, values and objectives established by Senior Management and is considered a basic support to achieve the planned objectives in a timely manner.

“At OnCloud we are committed to delivering cloud services and solutions in an agile, innovative, continuous, flexible and personalized manner with the highest quality, maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information of our clients, end users and interested parties. through our Integrated Management System, guaranteeing the delivery of said services through continuous improvement schemes, in order to reduce the associated risks within the applicable legal and regulatory framework.”



“OnCloud is our hands and eyes in the data centers, when we have a problem they act immediately”

Jonathan Durán Parra (IT Director at Te Creemos).

“It offers us virtual servers, which allows us to expand our products and give greater value to the client by offering our administrative systems in the cloud.”

Ernesto Hernández (Partner and Director at Alfa Soluciones)

“It has helped us a lot in productivity. With the technology it provides us, we can work from anywhere.”

Horacio Gutierrez (Manager of Administration and Finance of JLC Industries)